Strategies to mitigate the risk from COVID-19 in ophthalmology Review article

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Ali Poostchi
Joanna K. Dereń


Many countries, including Poland, are currently dealing with a second wave of COVID-19 infections. There is a pressing need to adapt to the new reality and develop new ways of working in order to deliver essential services safely. In the medical sector, there is a special need to deliver uninterrupted high quality care while minimizing the risk of disease transmission. In this article, we summarize the evidence on the transmission dynamics and ophthalmic features of COVID-19 and suggest a hierarchical approach to infection control, in order to help practitioners understand and mitigate the risks they face each day.

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Poostchi A, Dereń JK. Strategies to mitigate the risk from COVID-19 in ophthalmology. Ophthatherapy [Internet]. 2020Dec.30 [cited 2021Mar.8];7(4):356-60. Available from:
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