Recommendations for an improved referral system for specialized glaucoma clinics in Poland Original research study

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Aneta Choręziak
Agata Brązert
Aleksandra Borys
Anna Gotz-Więckowska


This study assessed the quality of referral letters to the Glaucoma Outpatient Clinic and patients’ first consultation results. A retrospective study included 196 patients newly referred to the clinic. Referrals were mainly issued by ophthalmologists (156; 79.6%). Regarding their urgency level, the planned referrals (184; 93.9%) were dominant. The majority of referral diagnoses (147; 75%) were confirmed as glaucoma in the clinic, whereas 17 (8.2%) glaucoma diagnoses were rejected. 64 (32.7%) patients did not require further ophthalmological review. The assessment of the quality of referral letters revealed that important clinical data was missing. There is a need to improve the referral system to specialist glaucoma clinics in Poland.


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Choręziak A, Brązert A, Borys A, Gotz-Więckowska A. Recommendations for an improved referral system for specialized glaucoma clinics in Poland. Ophthatherapy [Internet]. 2022Mar.31 [cited 2022Jul.3];9(1):55-0. Available from:
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