Systemic contraindications for laser vision correction – an overview Review article

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Zofia Pniakowska
Piotr Jurowski
Joanna Wierzbowska


Laser vision correction (LCV) is a common corneal surgery for the treatment of refractive errors. The rapid development of LVC techniques make this procedures safe and efficient. Despite the high safety profile of corneal refractive surgery, there are however some clinical conditions that constitute absolute or relative contraindication for this procedures. The aim of the paper was to overview and summarise the currently known systemic contraindications for LVC.


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Pniakowska Z, Jurowski P, Wierzbowska J. Systemic contraindications for laser vision correction – an overview. Ophthatherapy [Internet]. 2022Dec.31 [cited 2024Jun.19];9(4):258-63. Available from:
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