Beyond monofocal optics, below extended depth of focus IOLs – new standard in cataract surgery with monofocal plus? Review article

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Andrzej Dmitriew
Ewa Goździewska
Jarosław Kocięcki


Recently, due to higher demand for presbyopia correction, we are seeing an increase in the variety of premium intraocular lenses, which are used during cataract surgery. Premium intraocular lenses include multifocal lenses, lenses with extended depth of focus/field, and recently developed enhanced monofocal or monofocal plus lenses. In the article, we discuss the characteristics of monofocal plus lenses and lenses with extended depth of focus/field, the basics of enhanced monovision technique, and general rules of patient’s qualification  for these types of lenses.


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Dmitriew A, Goździewska E, Kocięcki J. Beyond monofocal optics, below extended depth of focus IOLs – new standard in cataract surgery with monofocal plus?. Ophthatherapy [Internet]. 2022Dec.31 [cited 2024Jun.19];9(4):273-7. Available from:
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