Macular hemorrhage – therapy Review article

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Małgorzata Gawlak
Katarzyna Guzek
Bartosz Kuźlik
Ada Pandey
Dominika Prokop
Oliwia Cwalina
Kinga Czarnacka
Alicja Chmura-Hołyst
Isamel Alsoubie
Katarzyna Sajak-Hydzik
Ilona Pawlicka
Agnieszka Piskorz
Maciej Kozak
Anna Roszkowska


Submacular hemorrhage treatment is still an important issue in ophthalmology. At present we lack algorithms of treatment that could be used in clinical practice. Efficacy of every treatment method seems to differ by individual factors simultaneously existing in each patient. Therefore, anti-VEGF agents remain crucial in treating patients with coexisting vasculopathy, while in posttraumatic hemorrhage we should lean towards other approaches, like pneumatic displacement. Operative methods, despite being more invasive and burdened with higher potential risk, are indispensable in large hemorrhages, significantly speeding up clot removal. The primary aim of this work is to collect recent data regarding this issue and to determine usefulness of treatment methods in specific cases, regarding factors such as hemorrhage pathophysiology. The following article pertains to currently used treatment methods, such as: pneumatic displacement, anti-VEGF therapy, rtPA and operative methods.


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Gawlak M, Guzek K, Kuźlik B, Pandey A, Prokop D, Cwalina O, Czarnacka K, Chmura-Hołyst A, Alsoubie I, Sajak-Hydzik K, Pawlicka I, Piskorz A, Kozak M, Roszkowska A. Macular hemorrhage – therapy. Ophthatherapy [Internet]. 2023Mar.31 [cited 2024Jul.17];10(1):57-2. Available from:
Conservative treatment


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