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Kajetan Juszczak
Tomasz Drewa


Apalutamide belongs to the ARTA group. This drug is a new generation selective androgen receptor inhibitor. Patients with prostate cancer develop resistance to castration testosterone levels over timeduring hormone therapy. Therefore, it is necessary to consider additional therapeutic options based on drugs from the ARTA group. Apalutamide is used in the treatment of patients with non-metastatic as well as metastatic prostate cancer. This article presents the most important clinical facts about apalutamide.


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Juszczak K, Drewa T. Apalutamide – 10 clinically important facts. OncoReview [Internet]. 2021Sep.30 [cited 2022May16];11(3(43):85-8. Available from: https://www.journalsmededu.pl/index.php/OncoReview/article/view/1521


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