Asymptomatic bladder leiomyoma: a report of three cases treated with minimal invasive techniques and a review of literature Case report

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Maciej Przudzik
Maria Derkaczew
Mirosław Łesiów
Marek Roslan


Introduction: Bladder leiomyoma is a very rare neoplasm and are estimated at about < 0.5% of all urinary bladder tumors. Most patients complain of lower urinary track symptoms. In 20% of cases patients remain asymptomatic.

Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the topic of bladder leiomyomas, present our experience in the management of this neoplasm and review the published data concerning this rare entity.

Material and methods: From March 2018 to February 2021 three patients (2 females, 1 male) aged 39 to 58 years (mean 49.3 years) were treated for bladder leiomyoma in our center.

Results: Two patients underwent en bloc transurethral resection of bladder tumor and one had laparoscopic partial cystectomy. Tumors were located in favourable positions with the mean diameter of 37.67 mm. The mean operative time was 46.67 min (range from 15 to 95 min). At the mean follow-up time of 36 months. None of our patients had a recurrence of bladder leiomyoma.

Conclusions: Properly performed removal of bladder leiomyoma gives satisfactory results. Transurethral resection of bladder tumor is the gold standard of treatment, highly valued for its safety and minimal invasiveness, however in cases of unfavourable located or large tumors laparoscopic approach or EBRT with defragmentation or morcellation may be preferred.


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Przudzik M, Derkaczew M, Łesiów M, Roslan M. Asymptomatic bladder leiomyoma: a report of three cases treated with minimal invasive techniques and a review of literature. OncoReview [Internet]. 2022Sep.30 [cited 2024Jul.18];12(3(47):59-4. Available from:


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