Plasma cell myeloma as one of the causes of bone pain in family medicine Case report

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Grzegorz Kade
Maciej Michalak
Bartosz Kade
Sebastian Spaleniak
Agnieszka Podgórska
Janusz Hałka


The article draws attention to the need to maintain oncological vigilance in the daily practice of a family doctor. Diagnosis and effective treatment of hypercalcemia and plasma cell myeloma are presented.


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Kade G, Michalak M, Kade B, Spaleniak S, Podgórska A, Hałka J. Plasma cell myeloma as one of the causes of bone pain in family medicine. OncoReview [Internet]. 2023May12 [cited 2024Jun.19];13(1(49):33-5. Available from:


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