Spontaneous tumor lysis syndrome in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma patient as a cause of acute kidney injury Case report

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Przemysław Kwiatkowski
Grzegorz Kade
Janusz Hałka


Idiopathic tumor lysis syndrome is a rare complication in the course of neoplastic disease. This condition requires an interdisciplinary therapeutic procedure. The presented case of spontaneous tumor lysis syndrome in the course of malignant large B-cell lymphoma describes an effective therapeutic approach in this type of cases.


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Kwiatkowski P, Kade G, Hałka J. Spontaneous tumor lysis syndrome in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma patient as a cause of acute kidney injury. OncoReview [Internet]. 2021Apr.15 [cited 2021Sep.22];11(1(41):22-6. Available from: https://www.journalsmededu.pl/index.php/OncoReview/article/view/1327


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